Collaboration has been one of the biggest buzzwords in the business world for the last three decades. From the Total Quality Management push of the 1990s to the no-cubicle environment fostered by today’s startups, collaboration has been key in building a more egalitarian workplace where individual contributions are valued and employees feel invested in the success of the whole.

But why has this most beautiful of buzzwords become a bad word?

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The Weekly Zing are quick, fun innovation exercises that 48 Innovate participants explore back at the office.

Fusion Fun

Remember when fusion food was all the rage, what two cuisines would you combine and what would you call them?


Mexican meets Italian, lots of tomatoes -- Mex-y-lian. 

Share your new fusion invention with  @48Innovate

use #Fusionfood #Mexylian.

 “Unique topic, excellent advice and a lively lunch presentation.”

~Don, Metlife
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