The whole concept of the human-centered business is still fairly new. Weird, huh? Why aren’t humans a top priority? Aren’t they the ones who buy things? Aren’t they the ones who create things?

For more than a century, management was laser-focused on one goal: driving results no matter the cost to the employees, or to the world for that matter. Workers were exploited, resources were drained, and profits remained concentrated in the hands of the few. But, thank goodness, that paradigm is starting to change. In the last few years, managers have begun to recognize the importance of connecting with their employees — which are humans, by the way — on both a professional and personal level. We are entering what some call the Era of Empathy.

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Let me talk to my over-35 folks for just a minute.


I get that you don’t get it. I mean, it’s not like you aren’t social media savvy. You can Facebook and Tweet with the best of them. You uploaded all your vacation photos on Instagram so everybody could see what you ate on your two-week trip to the south of France. But this Snapchat thing. Why would anyone want to post a pic that disappears in 10 seconds? And who’s got time to use filters to doodle a mustache on a cat?

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Handy Challenge

A little change in our otherwise normal routine will create a new perspective. For the rest of the day, use your non-dominate hand when drinking. Notice how much more aware you are doing the simplest task.

Any spillage? Share your insights with @48Innovate use #handychallenge.

Melissa was like the Amy Schumer of business speakers.” 

~Stephanie Powell, CFO/Vice President at LandDesign
How To Be A Better Leader: Four Essential Tips
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