There’s a very specific Wall Street Journal article that keeps reappearing in my social media feed. It’s titled, “So Busy at Work, No Time to Do the Job.” I chuckle every time it scrolls by because it’s right on point with what I’ve been saying.

A few months ago, I wrote about how collaboration is becoming a dirty word because too much of it can lead to stagnation, burnout and employee turnover. Seems like everyone’s jumping on this train to nowhere, including the WSJ, which wrote about research that shows managers and knowledge workers spend “90% to 95% of their working hours in meetings, on the phone, and responding to email.”

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Arianna Huffington is busy.

Really, really busy.

As co-founder of The Huffington Post, the author of more than a dozen books and a sought-after speaker and political commentator, Huffington is so busy that she once fainted from exhaustion. She face-planted right on her desk, breaking her cheekbone and requiring five stitches on her right eye.

The experience set Huffington off on a personal journey to rediscover the restorative value of sleep.

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