Forget about warmer weather and the promise of spring. In North Carolina where I live, the month of March means one thing — the unbridled excitement of basketball fans relishing in March Madness.

There’s a business lesson to be learned from one of America’s most popular sports, and I’m not just talking about the art of negotiating multimillion-dollar contracts. One of the most enigmatic players to emerge from the game in recent years is LeBron James. His athletic skill helped him leapfrog from high school straight to the NBA, where he’s been named MVP four times. Along the way, he’s racked up a number of high-paying retail endorsements and used his celebrity for charity interests, including starting his own foundation.

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The Weekly Zing are quick, fun innovation exercises that 48 Innovate participants explore back at the office.


Practice a little "R&D" No...not research and development, but rip and duplicate.

Look at your favorite consumer brand-- be that Coke, Tesla or Angry Birds and try out something they have done in your work environment

After all, imitation is the highest form of admiration.

Share your best R&D idea with @48Innovate use #fR&D.

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