I’ll admit that watching the movie “Office Space” is one of my guilty pleasures. There’s something universal about corporate culture that is captured so perfectly in this ’90s-era comedy. It’s hilarious when the consultant, after interviewing the slacking, snarky main character, declares him to be “just a straight shooter with upper management written all over him.”

I roar with laughter at that scene because I have been on both sides of it. I have been the employee who has been “consultant-jacked,” meaning a consultant from a large firm came in, interviewed me for a big project, stole my ideas and got paid bank without crediting the source. I have also been a consultant who is the first person in the room to step up and say: Don’t fool yourself into thinking that hiring someone like me is going to solve all your challenges. Fast-forward to today, my experience has taught me that there is a time to hire a consultant, find a facilitator or get a “solutionator.” That’s my name for someone who is a hybrid facilitator-consultant.

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Scene Change 

Stop what you are doing, set your timer for 15 minutes on your smartphone and go walk outside. 

A change in scenery goes a long way. 

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~Michelle Chiantera, Cisco
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